Biathlon - Anthols - Men's Relay Start List - Sports Info - Skate

Biathlon – Anthols – Men’s Relay Start List – Sports Info – Skate

Biathlon / Anthols World Cup / 20 km

The last before the Olympics

Once the men’s relay is complete, it will be necessary to wait for the end of the Beijing Olympics to determine the World Cup. Some will return with gold around their necks, taking one or more titles for posterity, and others will return empty-handed and disappointed.

But before turning around and ascending to Zhangjiakou, he made way for Antholz’s relay with Norway and Russia which will likely form the quartet that will be chosen for the Olympic event.

And it stands to reason that these are Sunday’s favorites, with France picking Fabien Claude, Antonin Guigonat, Simone Desteau and young Eric Perrault to finish.

Clearly, Team Tricolor is leaving the road and risking, after all, why not, by placing the team’s youngest as the last torchbearer. Meanwhile, he will wisely ignore Quentin Villon-Mael and Ameline Jacqueline.

Germany and especially Sweden, with their B teams, will be less strong and this could leave room for many countries. Examples include Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

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