Biarritz Olympique (Top 14): The Final Challenging Packing

Biarritz Olympique (Top 14): The Final Challenging Packing

Biarritz’s Olympic season in the top 14 has been summed up in some great successes, five victories against opponents of all calibers. The Challenge Cup provided some unexpected goals before they were overrun by hornets. “The team will not be distracted,” Roger Ripoll confirmed when European “Breath of Fresh Air” ended last Friday. Saturday, we will play on a ground that not many players know about, an artificial ground that will facilitate the publication of our game.

Paris La Défense Arena awaits the Biarrots, some will discover it, others will experience it. “It’s hot there, it’s short, we don’t have the impression of the distance with these stands and this big screen behind,” Bastien Suri describes. The prostitute had sweats with Toulon, on January 5, 2019. “Honestly, it’s special, he admits. You have to adapt but the playing conditions are perfect, there is no wind and the ball is dry.” An artificial climate contrasted with that authentic Basque weather that made Biarritz’s skies gray throughout the training week. “It was a disaster, it rained, it was stormy, it was cold but hey, we prepared properly. We would have no excuse.”

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Work under the gusts of storm, against a cold shower, as has been the case for over two months. Players cannot deny the cold temperatures of their laundry sessions when testing the subject on the fly. He laughed, maybe yellow at times, to throw off a situation that would terrify any amateur rugby player, even in the summer. “It’s good to recover,” a BO opponent blew out as he walked out of Aguilera’s locker room, a few weeks earlier.

“It was a disaster, it rained, it was stormy, it was cold but hey, we prepared properly. We will have no excuse.”

Because this is their job, the group must overcome these fears as they have had to deal with frequent injuries. “We have tools to manage athletes, and we have daily data with an acceptance limit for the number and type of injuries. Those mentioned on fabrics, like tears for example, are good indicators for changing the load and training method. We, unfortunately, have a lot of injuries after trauma and impacts,” explains Matthew Clarkin. We will evaluate at the end of the season, like every year, and maybe partner with other clubs, given the general trend.”

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