Beyond Good & Evil 2 still alive and progressing, will be reintroduced by Ubisoft -

Beyond Good & Evil 2 still alive and progressing, will be reintroduced by Ubisoft –

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Apparently it is moving forward with development, with the project that “Going well” As Ubisoft reported at its recent investor conference, the publisher talked about wanting to implement new offer of the game in the near future.

It’s been a long time since we last got official information on Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Michel Ancel’s departure hasn’t been comforting news about the project, so doubts are certainly legitimate about game health.

Apparently not to worry, according to reports from Ubisoft During the conference, from which, however, no specific news reached him other than the fact that development is “going well” and that there seems to be an intention to make a new presentation, perhaps with a more advanced structure, in the near future.

The information in question was reported by Benji-Sales and ZhugeEX, who also adds that Ubisoft plans to release a free-to-play mobile game for the quarter ending March 31, 2022, among the projects planned in the near future from the publisher.

We learned that recently Ubisoft MontpellierThe Beyond Good & Evil 2 team is also working on an unreleased game, for the rest Updates Regarding the authenticity of the title that Ancel brought out, they are practically the same as the titles that arrived last October, when Ubisoft had already stated that development was going well.

The last time we saw Beyond Good & Evil 2 in action was for the fifth stream from the developers, which caused some frustration among fans as it didn’t reveal anything new.

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