Beware of this problem that the update will not be able to solve

Beware of this problem that the update will not be able to solve

The Google Pixel 7 has been somewhat reticent so far in terms of post-launch concerns. Instead of Pixel 6 bugs, the 2022 classic appears to be affected by a mysterious hardware issue.

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Obviously launch a program Google Pixel 7 more successful than Google Pixel 6. The latter has been marked by months of complaints from users who have been forced to stuff themselves An abundance of bedbugs. Pixel 7 for their part, in addition to being more successful, has not had many problems.

After nearly three months, some users started complaining about an issue that could not be fixed by an update. According to their testimonies he collected PhoneArena, the glass layer covering their image block may break for no particular reason. No shock or falling into resentment, according to these testimonies. Only the base model seems to have this issue, as the Pixel 7 Pro was previously available.

The window breaks spontaneously

This is according to a Twitter user, Haydon Faber. In response, someone responds with a similar picture. Google Teams responded in the comments and invited them to contact support. Here are the two shots.

More testimonials to come. Twitter account titled Brayman 30 I collected 11 cases under the hashtag #pixel7brokencamera. a Support page Dating back to December 9th raises the same kind of problem with approximately 84 people reporting experiencing the same issue. One Reddit user has been complaining about this for nearly a month, reporting on December 5 that Google has finally agreed to replace their phones.

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More Concern: Some users reported that Google support doesn’t want to take over the fix. In the absence of a clear brand explanation, some play detective and a host of clues seems to indicate that the problem may come from a sudden change in temperature. Others conjure up a very large pressure point against the glass. Let us remain cautious about all these elements, which remain, as they are, mere hypotheses.

We contacted Google to get a response from them. At the time this article was published, the company had not yet had time to answer us on the merits. We will update this article with their opinions when they come back to us.

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