Bethesda has been thinking about the game for years, and Todd Howard trusts MachineGames -

Bethesda has been thinking about the game for years, and Todd Howard trusts MachineGames –

the new Indiana Jones from MachineGames It looks like a project Bethesda He’s been on his mind for several years, considering Todd Howard mentioned that he suggested such a game as early as 2009 to Lucas, but hadn’t found a way to do it yet.

Of the game in question, we currently only have the trailer for the announcement, which actually shows practically nothing but sheds a little light on the classic spirit of the series. From there they were alone speculationWhether or not it’s an Xbox exclusive given that Bethesda is now Microsoft’s first-party team, right up to the idea that it could be set in Italy.

Todd Howard, the president of Bethesda, briefly mentioned Indiana Jones during an interview with The Telegraph, without revealing anything but at the same time making it clear that it’s a project the company has been thinking about for a long time now, at least 12 years reportedly.

“I am so excited! I think I submitted a project to Lucas Initially in 2009 “And I’ve been trying to find a way to make that happen ever since,” Howard said. Thinking about the work of MachineGames, it’s clear that they are great developers and storytellers. When I started talking to them about the project, it immediately seemed like a perfect partnership and when I had the opportunity to present it all to Lucas and Disney they were really excited.”

Bethesda boss just said MachineGames is doing “a tremendous work‘, but it is clear at the moment that we know absolutely nothing about the game. However, it is curious to see that it is an idea that has been run for Bethesda for several years, in a similar way to how Howard always mentioned in Starfield, who seems to have been planning a large of years before it was built.

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