Best Travel 2022, here are 30 must-see destinations in Europe and around the world

Best Travel 2022, here are 30 must-see destinations in Europe and around the world

For travel, in addition to practical information, and of course time and money, you need dreams. He knows her well lonely planet, The world leader in tourism publishing, which has hundreds of highly detailed guides published in dozens of languages ​​in its catalog. It was born, nearly half a century ago, from the dream of two young Englishmen. Tony and Maureen Wheeler, in 1972, departed overland from London for Australia. From the Balkans to Afghanistan and India, then east to Thailand and Indonesia, travel by train, bus, and ferry. Altogether, it took six months. On their return, Maureen and Tony wrote and published Across Asia on the Cheap, Across Asia on a Budget, a guide intended for those who want (or dream) of repeating their exploits. The initiative was a success, and the editorial empire of Lonely Planet, which stands for Lonely Planet, was born from that journey.

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Every fall, between one guide and another, the Australian publishing house (but the Italian headquarters is in Turin) contributes to the dreams of travel enthusiasts with a book, Best in Travel, which suggests 30 special destinations. The short texts and beautiful pictures on its pages describe 10 countries, 10 cities and 10 regions that you must visit within the next year. This is good news, coming just a few days after the US borders reopened, even for the holidays. “Never has it happened like this year, after a forced outage, that knowing how much to travel and having the freedom to do so is an essential part of our lives,” explains Angelo Pietro, Director of Lonely Planet in Italy. This year, the announcement of the 30 best recommended travel destinations coincides with COP 26 in Glasgow, and global climate concerns. The Australian publishing house is timely in this, too: “We have chosen to highlight destinations that aspire to tourism in a sustainable way, and who are champions of change necessary to protect fragile places and communities,” explains Petro. Lonely Planet is a global operator, looking at the world from Australia, and among the destinations suggested by Best in Travel, there are always places far from Europeans.

This year, the country and major city, the Cook Islands and Auckland, New Zealand, are in the Pacific Ocean, on the other side of the world for us. Closest, but a little, is the western fjord of Iceland, taking first place in the regions category. To find destinations closest to Fiumicino, Malpensa must go down the three rankings up to Norway and Slovenia (second and fifth among countries), or to the Kent and Burgundy coast, respectively in England and France, and fourth and tenth among the regions.

With history, art, cuisine and its welcoming capacity, Europe finds space between the proposed cities. And here, along with Ireland’s Dublin, the German city of Friborg and Cyprus’ Nicosia finally appeared, Florence, the only Italian destination among the 30 recommended destinations in the 2022 edition of Best in Travel. Being on the list of cities in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital of 22 million people, is surprising, but it is a hymn to hope and the future. According to Best in Travel, “Beach parties, the Afrobeat music scene and International Fashion Week” make it interesting.
Closer to sustainability that inspires the 2022 edition of the ranking is Slovenia, a geographical crossroads and the green heart of Europe, with its potential for natural and sports tourism between the Julian Alps and the waters of Isonzu and Karst. These considerations, to the north, are valid for Norway, which in addition to modern works of art presents the visitor with its fjords, forests and islands. It presents a suggestive and peaceful picture of the United Kingdom, Kent, a flat land between London and the North Sea, ideal for cultural visits, cycling and bird watching. Being in the arrangement of Nepal, the land of Everest, is a pleasure, offering extraordinary possibilities for those who love walking, rafting and visiting national parks inhabited by rhinos and tigers. Kathmandu and the rest of the country have emerged from two years of almost complete lockdown, to help recovery the return of travelers is needed.

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