Best Game DPS in Vault of Heroic Incarnations: The Assassin Laugh, Witches Cry – World of Warcraft

the incarnation vault It opened for a week in the US and we can now get a small idea of ​​the best DPS for our first Dragonflight raid. Here we will focus on the heroic mode, while waiting for more complete data on the legendary level, which is currently reserved for the best guilds in the world.

Please note that Blizzard is currently making several fixes. So it is plausible that the arrangement will be different in a couple of weeks. Still, the latter is still worth a look on your part.

As you can see, the three thief specialties are at the top of the ranking. It is rare to be underlined! Behind, we find normal people like Windwalker Monk and Improvement Shaman. Precision Hunter is also very well positioned.

The Top 10 also consists of an Arcane Mage, who is the only high-performing specialization of the class. Warlock has lost its luster and is a far cry from the performance it achieved at the end of Shadowlands. The same goes for Shadow Priest and especially Fire and Frost Mages, the little specs are rarely seen in the party.

It will be interesting to see the evolution of the rating, in particular because some specs will benefit from big buffs this week (including Frost Mage specifically), while others will flip (hello thief).

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