Bentley Introduces Continental GT3 Pikes Peak – Automotive News

Bentley Introduces Continental GT3 Pikes Peak – Automotive News

Bentley Motors has prepared its most extreme Continental GT3 model for the 2021 Pikes Peak Hill Climb (June 27), a vehicle named Continental GT3 Pikes Peak, which will be the brand’s first racing model. fuel.

Bentley Motors will return to Colorado in June to attempt a third record on the ascent of Pikes Peak of 12.42 miles, after those achieved in the 2018 and 2019 Bentayga and Continental GT models, respectively in the production SUV and production wagon classes.

Once again, it was on New Zealander Reese Milne that the Crewe manufacturer entrusted his model to win the “Race to the Clouds”, with Milne already winning the test several times before Bentley had his first two successes in Colorado as mentioned above.

Continental GT3 Pikes Peak was developed by Bentley Motorsport in cooperation with FastR Special Chassis, who is already developing a Bentley model at the chronological events of Great Britain, Teams M-Sport and K-Pax Racing are also participating in the project of this Continental GT3 that will be aligned In class 1 time attack.

The highly premium Continental GT3 will be powered by a 4.0-liter V8 turbo powered by biofuel-based petrol and, according to Bentley, the assembly will ensure the power it needs to carry out its mission. Mission to It The Continental GT3 is also equipped with an XXL aerodynamic package (rear spoiler, oversized front blade, diffuser …) worthy of the American event, which has long welcomed some of the most exciting cars out there.

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All details about the new Continental GT3 Pikes Peak can be found in the video provided by FastR.

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