BEM 2022 Theme: Imprisonment of a deputy and a gendarme

BEM 2022 Theme: Imprisonment of a deputy and a gendarme

Attempts to cheat during BEM are numerous and many try to do so to get better grades or pocket money by reselling these mentioned subjects.

And this time, two people were sentenced: a deputy in Parliament and the acting commander of the National Gendarmerie Forces in El-Oued Province.

In fact, both are on remand after trying to follow up on questions but also math test answers related to BEME.

According to the press release issued by the Valley Justice Council, the Public Prosecutor revealed that he had ordered the opening of a preliminary investigation after information reached the authorities. The accomplices had sent an envelope thanks to the acting commander of the National Gendarmerie. This would include responses from the exam From BEM, specifically that of mathematics for his daughter who was to compete in the same position.

After this investigation, four suspects were arrested and placed in pretrial detention.

BAC and BEM 2022: The Ministry of Justice has warned

On June 3, 2022, the Ministry of Justice sent a press release to the Public Prosecution Office of the Councils of Justice. He encouraged them to establish a monitoring and follow-up unit at the level of each council.

This system aims to reduce the incidence of cheating and leakage of this year’s course materials.

The ministry added that it is important to establish a “strict judicial treatment” through an immediate criminal penalty, in coordination with the competent authorities.

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