Belgium.  An immigrant wins €250,000 in the zero-sum game but can't take advantage of it

Belgium. An immigrant wins €250,000 in the zero-sum game but can’t take advantage of it

Winning a lottery jackpot without being able to collect money is an adventure that an immigrant living in Zeebrugge (Belgium) experienced at the beginning of April 2022, according to information from evening Relayed by capital Wednesday 13th April. The guy, who is a regular fan of scratch games in the city supermarket, won 250 thousand euros.

However, due to the importance of the amount, the Foundation could not give him the money directly and invited him to appear before the company behind the game, so the man first came into contact with the National Lottery but never gave it to him. No news then.

No bank account

Last week, three men showed up with the infamous ticket to demand the money. Since the player was not with them, the company decided to contact the police who arrested them. The three, who were heard by the police, explained that they acted at the request of the person concerned.

A call was made, in turn, and Al-Muhajir confirmed their account and explained that he did not have a bank account due to his administrative status. Indeed, without papers, it is impossible for him to cash the money and he asked his acquaintances to do it instead of him.

according to EveningNo solution has been found yet and it is not clear if it will end up taking its profit. In the meantime, the money is still kept in the vaults of the Belgian National Lottery.

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