Belgians’ dreams checked: This is what we dream about every day

Belgians’ dreams checked: This is what we dream about every day

Each year, Klarna, a company that specializes in banking and especially online payments, reports on the dreams of consumers around the world… Figures reveal that half (46%) of consumers surveyed worldwide have already achieved one day The purchase of their dreams and that many people daily dream of things they would like to have.

The dreams of the Belgians were also examined. We mainly dream about fashion items (46%), electronics (35%), and leisure and hobby products (28%). The purchase of our dreams is most often associated with moving to a new home (23%), a personal event (21%) or celebrating an important milestone in our life (12%). Two out of five consumers also say the purchase of their dreams has absolutely nothing to do with something expensive. On the other hand, 62% say they haven’t done so yet because they find it too expensive.

But consumers surveyed around the world do not only dream of very specific products, they also dream of acquiring another identity: celebrities (19%), superheroes (17%) or acquaintances (14%). While one in two people also dream of traveling or taking a vacation, finding themselves in a wonderful world (32%), or radically improving the world (21%)!

The biggest dreamers of the day are Americans, followed by the British, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, Swedes, and Finns.

At night, it is Belgians, Canadians, Germans, Austrians, Poles, Dutch and French who dream the most.

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