Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games: Bitter Chocolate Slalom by Thomas Pfell -

Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games: Bitter Chocolate Slalom by Thomas Pfell –

There is no Swiss medal in the slalom for the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Thomas Pfell was aiming for a goal, but had to give up after severe back pain developed in the middle of the week. In his last games, the 35-year-old Schweitzer found the resources to finish… fourth in the slalom. Also in the race, Robin Kochet was eliminated in the second round. So, Switzerland returns from China with the Theo Ghamr medal in the downhill last Saturday, in her bag. The minimum goal was achieved.

Thomas Pavel dreamed of getting a third medal at the Paralympics, after the one he won in 2008 in Turin (second in slalom and third in giant). Tired for Schweitzer, he was betrayed by his body and, more precisely, by his back. It is impossible under these conditions to be able to compete on an equal footing with the ever-increasing competition.

In sixth place at the end of the first round of the slalom slalom, Pfyl managed to grab two places to finish in an undeserved fourth place with thanks and sour. “Obviously I’m very sad because I didn’t win a medal, but these Paralympics have been very complicated for me. There was definitely this seventh place in the Super G, but then I had a back injury. I can consider myself lucky I was able to start a race Zigzag. I did my best.”Pfyl interacting with the SRF microphone.

Kochi returns two certificates from Beijing

Thomas Pavel, who was playing in the fifth Paralympics, finished nearly 3.5 seconds behind New Zealander Adam Hall in third. Now he plans to rest, and if his health permits, he hopes to end his career at the world championships next year.

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Entering the second Swiss in the standing class, Robin Kochet signed an encouraging eighth at the end of the first race. But the 23-year-old from Neuchâtel was unable to reach the finish within the second, after a foul in the last wall. “I did my best and risked everything I could. Maybe too much.” Koch, who injured his knee in the middle of the week, can nevertheless be very satisfied with his participation in the third Paralympics. 11th in the downhill, 6th in super-G and 8th in super plus, brings back diplomas and will carry the flag as a reward during Closing ceremony (1:00 p.m. on RTS2).

Murat Billet turns the page

In the “Sitting” category, Pascal Christine took 14th place. The 29-year-old from Lucerne, who had been in mono skating for only 5 years, had mainly come to Beijing to gain experience in regards to watching the Winter Paralympic Games in Cortina Milan in 2026. His friend Murat Bilet has, For his part, he raced in his last race. Ticino, turning 40 in two days, fell during the first round but never lost his good mood. “Unfortunately it didn’t work out… I have to accept that but I’m looking at incredible memories.”

Not spared this week, Billett (shoulder pain and tonsillitis) ended his skiing career to try to compete in the 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris. If the clay shooting system gets into the Paralympics, try to qualify.

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