Beijing 2022, also a diplomatic boycott of New Zealand after the USA

Beijing 2022, also a diplomatic boycott of New Zealand after the USA

We still have two months left Beijing 2022 Winter OlympicsBut discussions and disagreements have been going on for some time and there does not seem to be a chance for calm, even if it is apparent.

It’s yesterday’s news that The United States actively pursues the diplomatic boycott Olympic announced a few weeks ago. A harsh communication to that effect was issued by Jen Psaki, a White House spokesman.

Today, in the footsteps of the United States of America, we will take care of it new Zeland: Peripheral State has in fact announced that it will not send government representatives to the Games.

Beijing 2022

US diplomatic boycott in Beijing

06/12/2021 A 21:07

As for Japan, there are statements transmitted by Gazzetta dello Sport to the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida: From the point of view of national interests, taking into account the importance of the Olympic Games and the importance of Japanese diplomacy. This is the basic position of our country.”

Beijing 2022, this is what awaits us in 100 days

Beijing 2022

Malago: “In Beijing 2022 we will win more than 10 medals”

06/12/2021 A 20:55

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