Behind the scenes of the Blues' victory over the All Blacks

Behind the scenes of the Blues’ victory over the All Blacks



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The Hab did well against the New Zealanders.

More than just a performance, it’s a pivotal match for the Blues. For memories and for the future. The players of the fifteenth French national team reached the end of the All Blacks team (40 to 25) Saturday, November 20 at the Stade de France, in a glowing atmosphere. The Stade 2 teams sneaked backstage to bring you this feat in the heart of the tricolor locker rooms.

Everyone in the stands, we give everything! We have no right to sufferNever compromise!“Words are from Gaël Fickou, dedicated to his teammates in the dressing room a few minutes into the kickoff. Words were respected, as the Blues took the match from the right end, clearly in control of their opponent. A second speech, Fabian Gatlet’s speech at the intermission, was captured. Here again, the condition: “You can do betterThe French coach insists. He will hear.

Despite the pride of the New Zealanders in the second quarter, the Blues maintained their level to finally win (40-25) and achieve valuable success two years before the World Cup. If the Blues hadn’t been world champions on Sunday, they could have had fun. without moderation.

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