Beeple NFT is the most expensive one ever sold at auction, more than $ 60 million in value

Beeple NFT is the most expensive one ever sold at auction, more than $ 60 million in value

A virtual piece of art titled “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days”. Created by digital artist Beeple, it is the first NFT-based artwork to be auctioned at Christie’s.


a Symbol is not exchangeable By artist Beeple who has sold at Christie’s for over $ 60 million, making it the most expensive NFT ever sold at auction.

The final sale price could go up as final bids are processed and auction fees added, which could bring the total to more than $ 69 million. But the sale capped two weeks of frenzied online bidding and heralded a new era in collectibles, as prices for blockchain-based digital images now rival those paid for Pecasus and Monet. While the future of NFT pricing and its long-term role in the art world remains an open question, and many see it as a speculative fad, the eight-digit Beeple price has made the art world suddenly take notice.

Artist Mike Winkleman, better known as Pebble, told CNBC: “Once I saw it, I saw that it represented enormous potential for this as a platform for digital ownership of a bunch of different things, not just art.” “From now on, I think this will see an alternative form of asset class.”

The record-breaking work, called “The First 5,000 Days,” was the first work ever to be sold at a major auction house.

In 2007, Winkelmann set out to publish a new digital artwork every day for the rest of his life and never missed a single day. The first 5,000 of these works, called Everyday, were combined to form the First 5,000 Days.

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NFTs, which are Any digital assets with registered ownership on the blockchain, Became a $ 400 million market – mostly in the last month. Jack Dorsey Turned First tweet ever From 2006 to the NFT she currently has The highest bid is $ 2.5 million. The best NBA shotsNFTs videos have mushroomed in the NBA, with sales topping $ 200 million, and LeBron James’ video selling for $ 208K. Grimes, musician and artist, has sold more than $ 6 million in music videos.

Until Christie’s selling, the most expensive NFT ever sold was the business of Beeple whose owner turned it over for $ 6.6 million.

It is unclear if the major art auction houses will follow. Sotheby’s said it has not made any announcements about future NFT sales and Phillips said it does not have “any NFT news to share” at the moment.

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