Beats Fit Pro review: True wireless headphones for athletes with limitless energy

Beats Fit Pro review: True wireless headphones for athletes with limitless energy

Since there is a wear detector built into the headphones, which cannot be separated, we were unable to perform the usual insulation measurements with the dummy. Fortunately, this does not prevent us from presenting our analysis to you.

Unsurprisingly, the Active Noise Reduction on the Fit Pro is very similar to that on the studio buds. Thus, low-frequency attenuation is effective enough to adequately reduce muffled noises such as the roar of a motor or train bearings. However, Fit Pros are more efficient than Studio Buds at mitigating psychics, so they manage to cover the surrounding discussions a bit better. But, even with this slight improvement, the Active Noise Reduction in Fit Pro is still far from reaching a level WF-1000XM4And the Deviate Gemini where AirPods Procurrent heroes.

Fit Pro widens the gap with Studio Buds about the quality of Transparent Mode. Here, the elevations are not as muffled, allowing for better and more airy rendering. However, these heights seem to have been artificially enhanced, making it very difficult to judge distances. The built-in electronics also had a slight problem managing this transparent mode, because we noticed a very slight lag between the moment the word was pronounced and its transcribed by the speakers. There is no reason to panic either, this latency remains minimal and in no way prevents you from having a conversation with the headphones fixed in your ears.

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