“Bear on Mars?”: NASA releases disturbing image

“Bear on Mars?”: NASA releases disturbing image

The cliché debunked by NASA is actually pareidolia.

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A few days ago, the Twitter account of HiRISE (a powerful camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite in orbit around Mars) posted a strange picture. In the photo, we see a geological formation that looks like a bear’s head. ” Bear on Mars
? HiRISE camera’s Twitter account writes in the caption.

According to Alfred McEwen, the planetary geologist behind the HiRISE program, this bear has a logical explanation. ” There is a mound with a collapsed V-shaped structure (the nose), two pits (the eyes) and a circular pattern (the head). He notes on the University of Arizona website carried by BFMTV. He also explains that the circular shape could have been caused by a crater covering, lava or mud.

Very regularly, pictures of Mars are pinned to Twitter. For example, this past February, some people thought they saw a tanned man in a photo taken by the Perseverance Van. A few months later, in May, the Curiosity rover released an image of an image resembling a door used by aliens. This type of illusion has a name: pareidolia, the fact of seeing familiar items in nature.

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