Bear dog Espace Tonkin, January 19, 2022, Villeurbanne.

bear dog
From Wednesday 19 January 2022 to Saturday 22 January 2022 in Espace Tonkin
** bad. L ** ———- ** The Bitch of the Bear ** —————————- By Catherine Zambon ——————- ### _ “I will live at last!” . She screams, she’s sublime, you have to sleep, she’s 16, running away from the feelings that crowd her and bother her. She runs to run right in front of her without stopping to disappear, to kill what she feels inside her: a desire so strong, an impossible desire, that makes her heart beat so fast that she thinks she can no longer live. She loves Liv. ** The Bitch of the Bear is a show about life’s rage, the compelling need to talk, about adolescence, about desire, the “lesbian body”. Embodying us as an actress/dancer and musician/sound designer, the sound and music come to a frantic rhythm. They are enveloped throughout this race by a video that reacts as an emotional trigger. Directed by: Myriam Gharbi Game: Yazideh and Naama Delmond Idea and Musical Creativity: Naima Delmond Scenography Video: Arnaud Debares [Extrait](Cie L_La chienne de l’ourse_extrait 1 run run run – YouTube) event titled “Villeurbanne 2022, the French capital of culture”
Prices: €10, €7 for group and school bookings: [email protected]
Urgent Need to Say / Adolescence / Anger of Life / Love / Unhappiness / Possibilities of Difference / Bodies / Desires / Warrior Text January 19-22 in Espace Tonkin

Espace Tonkin 1 Salvador Allende Street 69100 Villeurbanne Villeurbanne Tonkin Metropole de Leon

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