Barcelona will host the next edition (with Alinghi)

Barcelona will host the next edition (with Alinghi)

The next Copa America in 2024, which will mark the return of Alinghi, will be held outside Barcelona and not in New Zealand.

The defending champions, Team New Zealand, have abandoned their home organization, according to Spanish media and EFE news agency.

It is the first time in the contest’s 170-year history that a holder has relinquished their right in this way. This is the result of failed negotiations with the New Zealand authorities. In 2007, Alinghi, led by Ernesto Bertarelli, certainly organized the event in Valencia, but Switzerland, which has no sea port, had no other choice but to relocate.

For the year 2024 and the 37th edition of the prestigious meeting, a financial agreement was reached with the Catalan government. Barcelona was favored over Malaga, Cork and Jeddah, who were also favourites.

The Copa America 2024, which benefits from the support of local public funds and the Catalan business community, will require an investment of more than 70 million euros (about 73 million francs). Promoters estimate that the preliminary regattas and the event itself will have an impact on the Catalan economy of more than one billion euros.

To date, the fleet of this 37th edition consists of five teams: the Italian Luna Rosa Prada, the English Ineos Britannia, American Magic and Alinghi, associated with Mail Bull and Team New Zealand.


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