Barbados seals divorce from Queen Elizabeth

Barbados seals divorce from Queen Elizabeth

ANALYSIS – The 430-square-kilometer island, independent since 1965, will become a republic on Tuesday with the election of President Sandra Mason at its head.

The crown is losing a strange gem. Barbados, better known for its picturesque beaches than for its political destiny, became a republic on Tuesday, liberating itself British monarchy It celebrates 55 years of independence. After being elected by indirect universal suffrage, President Sandra Mason will become head of state in place of Queen Elizabeth II.

For this historic transition, Prince Charles made the trip. in his speech, A person who has played an important role in the Commonwealth for a long time It should be said that the bulk of the relations between the two countries will remain unchanged. It will be noticeably evoked “The myriad bonds between the peoples of the two countries, through which admiration and affection as well as cooperation pass”. A long history, since the first English ships touched the island four centuries ago.

appropriate context

The constitutional divorce was announced in September 2020. “It’s time to say our real goodbye

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