Balalaika and gypsy music at Espace Bouchardon with Viva Classica

Balalaika and gypsy music at Espace Bouchardon with Viva Classica

Sunday 4 February, at 4pm, Classica Viva organizes its first party of 2024 at Espace Bouchardon.

The association invites five players passionate about traditional music from the East: Alexei Biryukov (balalaika) and the Alla Zingaresi Quartet (violin, oboe, double bass, piano).

The audience will be able to listen to some of the most beautiful pages from the vast repertoire of Gypsy, Russian and Eastern European music, as well as many classical pieces – Monti, Brahms – or modern pieces – Kozma, Jarre – inspired by this vocal heritage. . very rich.

The first part of the concert will particularly highlight the balalaika, an emblematic instrument of Russian and Gypsy music, thanks to the talent of Alexei Biryukov, a player of this instrument who has lived in France for more than 25 years. The musician will present in detail his instrument, its structure, history and different playing styles.

In the second part, listeners will be invited on a journey along gypsy roads, through Hungary and Romania, where frenetic rhythms and captivating melodies blend.

From our correspondent Norbert Monzen

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