Bagnière de Bigorre.  A beautiful success of the scientific competition

Bagnière de Bigorre. A beautiful success of the scientific competition

On Friday 22 December, just before the Christmas holidays, St Vincent's College presented the prizes for the “Science Week” competition organized at the end of November by teachers from the institution's Science Center (Marjorie Meunier in Technology, Ludovic Gross in Physical Sciences and Renaud Lagnos in SVT). About fifteen middle school student volunteers from grades 6 to 3 participated by presenting their project on scientific and/or technological topics such as the solar system, renewable energies, volcanoes, and home automation to a judging panel of two college professors. Engine, metal, etc.

The first of its kind at Paneris Private College which is worth repeating as the students were very enthusiastic. “We are thinking about doing it again next year on a larger scale, perhaps during a special half-day dedicated to the event.” Deputy Director of the College Columban Rainier.

Enough to motivate middle school students for the upcoming school year. But in the meantime, the participants of this first edition can enjoy their rewards, presented by the Vice-Principal on Christmas Eve in front of all the students but also some parents present. Or vouchers for a cultural brand worth €30 (1st place), €25 (2nd place), €20 (3rd place) and €10 for others. And for everyone, a big chocolate Santa Claus. Awards funded by APEL (Parents Association).

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