Back to the victorious octagon of Henry Burns!  • TNTV Tahiti Nui

Back to the victorious octagon of Henry Burns! • TNTV Tahiti Nui

Henry Burns is back in the octagon! After suspending his career during the Covid period to devote himself, among other things, to teaching combat sports to the youth of Moria, the kid from the sister island put on the gloves again and made a promising comeback last Saturday in New. Zealand.

After leaving for a ‘training camp’ in New Zealand 10 weeks ago, Henry took two young Tahitian fighters, Tabwari Gooding and Totteri Tehipuri with him, so they could benefit from the distilled training at Auckland’s famous City Kickboxing. It used to be several years ago. At first he left for training for a fight count for the Tahiti Combat Championship, scheduled for November 25, then finally postponed to a later date, “At the last minute “Henry has agreed to fight in the New Zealand XFC event. An event where Tapuarii Gooding and Aremiti Tinirau, two other Tahiti fighters, were programmed, and eventually lost, both to submit. Meanwhile, Henry Burns won his fight in style in the second round, after this impressive high kick:

I’m happy, the fight went well for me. I felt good. I prepared well for 10 weeks, even if I initially had difficulty with the preparations. It took a click in my head to put myself 100% into this boot camp… in the end I lost 27 kilos! » Henry Burns says:

In terms of form, the Moorea fighter wanted to send a message to the young Fenua: “There are vicissitudes in life, you should never give up. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams. Do not let anyone discourage you, do not listen to people who promise you failure. Love yourself and take care of your body, thanks to it you will achieve your goals. And above all, trust in the Lord. “

One thing is for sure, ‘The Giant Killa’ didn’t permeate this fight it shouldn’t take long to set foot in an octagon again… “Maybe in December, I’m still waiting for confirmation from my coach.”

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