Babylon's Fall returns by Square Enix and Platinum with possible beta testing on Steam -

Babylon’s Fall returns by Square Enix and Platinum with possible beta testing on Steam –

fall of Babylon It could be reappearing soon, and may even be included in Square Enix’s updatesE3 2021, considering that the address appeared recently in a database steam as a possible subject for beta test On Valve’s digital delivery.

There has been no news of Babylon’s fall for some time now, after appearing in the first gameplay video in December 2019. Platinum games Working in these times, but the development team, along with Square EnixLast year, he stated that he was not ready to show the game.

Babylon’s Fall is Platinum Games’ new action with a fantasy setting

Things may have moved quite a bit since last summer and Babylon could be falling into the Square Enix games catalog for showing at E3 2021, with beta testing announced looming on Steam, regarding the release. Computer.

The idea comes from SteamDB, which is not an official but certainly reliable source for Steam news, as it is based on “movements” detected in the Valve portal’s database. In this, a reference to a Closed beta testing For the fall of Babylon, it was only modified yesterday, June 1, 2021, which might make us think of an upcoming novelty in this sense.

If confirmed, the announcement could easily take place during E3 2021, possibly with a new presentation of the game during the Square Enix conference.

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