Babies conceived with sperm intended for science: no trace of the study in question

“Neither VUB nor UZ Brussel are currently aware of any publications by the professor in the context of scientific research on sperm donors, which is why it is very difficult” to trace how sperm was used without authorization, reacted VUB and UZ Brussel, which “regrets” the issue.

Jonathan M., sperm donor, has had 550 births, mainly in Belgium

The man whose sperm was used without his permission gave samples four times a month between 1974 and 1979. According to VUB and UZ Brussel, this could refer to tests aimed at detecting antibodies against sperm. This type of research requires regular donations over several years.

“VUB and UZ Brussel apply strict procedures for donations and clearly explain the reasons. For each donation, a contract is concluded with the donor. Clearly informed permission is required to use sperm in the context of ‘scientific research,’” insists the two institutions.

In light of this case, the first of its kind in Belgium, calls have once again been raised to lift the confidentiality of sperm donation identity. Current legislation requires that the donor's identity be revealed only when both parties know each other at the time of donation.

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