Azzurri in the final world records!

Azzurri in the final world records!

direct quest for italy and new zealand teams,

It’s a great success‘Italy in men’s team pursuit match In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Obviously, our blues are beyond new Zeland In batteries and more Fly to the final for gold medal But they also get New world record From the specialty, marking 3.42.307 on the stopwatch. Really exceptional work by Consone, Gana, Ramon and Milano So from giving a chance for a medal, gold or silver, tomorrow morning just waiting for the 11 am Italian final (against a competitor not yet known). Speaking of the impressive performance put on the Izu Velodrome, it must be said that Italy is leading the operations from the start: only after half the race is New Zealand growing, but with Ganna as the leader of the train, the Azzurri gains speed and back ahead, also achieving success A new world record. It should be noted that Italy recorded an average speed of 64,775 km / h, and its peaks reached 70 km / h. (Article by Michela Colombo)

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Blue for Business

the live italy new zealand Valid for men’s cycling, Elimination team quest u everyone Tokyo 2020 Olympics It will start at 9.36 am Italian time. So, this morning continues the blue team journey of Filippo Gana, Simone Consone, Francesco Lamm and Jonathan Milan who will be racing specifically against his ocean teammates formed by Aaron Jett, Campbell Stewart, Jordan Kirby and Reagan Gough in the scheduled third heat after an impressive performance yesterday when they managed to set a new Olympic record with 3: 45.895 Then beat Denmark with 3: 46.079.

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In the meantime, the blue girls of the coach Dino Savoldi, which is a team consisting of Rachel Barbieri, Letizia Paternoster, Elisa Balsamo and Vittoria Guazzini Their engagement this morning on the women’s front the day after yesterday gave the players life for a stellar performance with a time of 4 minutes eleven seconds and 666 milliseconds, the fourth overall time that was well deserved. New national record during the rehabilitation session.

New Zealand’s Italian team follows up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as it navigates a live stream of information on the track

Track cycling live broadcast, Team Pursuit U competes between Italy and New Zealand, and will be followed on TV as always Eurosport, which broadcasts all the Tokyo Olympic Games in Italy with dedicated channels for each discipline. Obviously, it will be possible to follow the same event also in live tv, Only for subscribers on the official Eurosport website, as well as on discovery +, Also in this case the service is reserved for customers only. All others will be able to follow the Cycling Race, Team Pursuit U qualifiers between Italy and New Zealand through various social media, As well as watching the best world championship in RAI 2.

The goal of the Italian-New Zealand team: the point

So the high expectations for live italy new zealand to men’s cycling, Elimination team quest u everyone Tokyo 2020 Olympics This is the first Tuesday of August. The Azzurri hope to repeat yesterday’s excellent test in the first qualifying round, in which they finished second in the overall standings behind Denmark. Yesterday’s race was not monotonous if we also think about the crash of Australian Porter, who ended up on the ground with his handlebars failing and Australia having to repeat his race in the queue after the other Nations, fifth place b 3: 48.448.

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