Axa France opens its space in the Sandbox metaverse until March 1st

Axa France opens its space in the Sandbox metaverse until March 1st

Insurance company Axa France opens space for Axadia in Metavers. The insurance company claims to be the first insurance and banking company created in the virtual world of TheSandBox. Axadia is a gaming experience that give the general public the opportunity to discover the missions, values, employment and social commitments of Axa France.

Discover new worlds where the future of insurance will be played out

Axadia invites players to “play to give.” This means that we are playing for an association. The trial is available until March 1, 2023 at ” We must explore new worlds where the future of our sector may be at stake explains Patrick Cohen, CEO of Axa France. ” We learn, again and again, alongside those who build the technologies of tomorrow and bring them to life. Continue.

Axadia is the plot of Axa France in The Sandbox metaverse. “We are taking a new step in knowing this new world and understanding its challenges. For two weeks, we open the doors of Axa France to developers, gamers and all experienced or experienced amateurs, to discover our company, our employments, our commitments and our values ​​through a unique virtual experience “, he concludes.

An immersive multi-story experience

Axaida offers an immersive experience within a multi-storey space. In the form of a fun and innovative adventure, players have access to activities including the employment area with tests of resilience and courage, the innovation area, encouraging workplace collaboration, the rooftop, where the adventure resumes Axa France’s commitments to society and the environment and a museum that traces the history of Axa.

The experience includes a “secret” level to discover at the end of the adventure to pick up the NFT AXA Shield, a legendary shield. The idea is to indicate the mission of insurance companies, which is to protect property and people. 25 randomly selected participants will be able to keep their AXA Shield NFT in their wallet. On the “playing to give” side, Axadia is a solidarity gaming experience.

Axadia offers a gaming experience in The Sandbox

€10,000 donated if there are 10,000 players

A donation of 10,000 euros will be made to Emmaüs Connect, by the Axa Atout Cur, if 10,000 participants reach, by 1any March, to accomplish the Axadia experiment. Emmaus Connect is an association of the Emmaus movement created in 2013 to fight the digital and social exclusion of the most vulnerable people.

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