Autumn XV program for France

Autumn XV program for France

According to information from RMC, which was later confirmed by AFP, the autumn calendar for the Blues was revealed. New Zealand, Argentina and Georgia will be the opponents of the French.

After an eventful release from VI Nations and second-place France team, the latter must play three matches throughout November 2021: Argentina, Georgia and New Zealand. With the postponement of Test matches in Argentina last summer and the duels against the Southern Hemisphere, autumn should be good training for the players. As per World Rugby’s requirements, the world’s best countries never hesitate to compete. Until this fall season begins, it will be a clash with Argentina at the Stade de France on November 6th. In November 2020, Pumas achieved a historic victory over All Blacks (25-15) in the rugby championship. Thus, the latter is a true opponent of the XV for France who will follow him with Georgia on November 13th, in Bordeaux. Since 2007, Georgia has oscillated between fourth and third in the pools in the last World Cup Finals. For this year and given the 2023 World Cup, the Georgians have every interest in seizing this opportunity to put the Blues in a difficult position. Finally, while their union is about to finally agree to cede part of its commercial rights, the New Zealanders have an appointment in Saint Denis for revenge on November 20, 2021. For the world to come, this is the same poster scheduled for opening November 8, 2023. This meeting could be , Like the rest of the tournament, eagerly awaited by both fans and the French fifteenth in France. Indeed, this growing opposition should allow the Blues to continue advancing and preparing for the 2023 World Cup.

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In order to put the Blues in the best position for these major competitions, FFR President Bernard LaPorte recently confirmed that Fabian Galetti’s men will travel to Australia for the summer tour. Subject to the health conditions of course, the French national team matches will be played on 7, 13 and 17 July. Regarding this fall, the ticket office will open soon. Priority to licensees from the French rugby union and then, in June, for the general public.

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