Australia, so the 'zero Covid' strategy crashed into the delta formula

Australia, so the ‘zero Covid’ strategy crashed into the delta formula

Zero-Covid fails everywhere

It must be said that the failure of the “zero Covid” strategy is not just an Australian fact. Infection rates have also increased in other countries considered – up to a month ago – pioneers in containing the pandemic.

New Zealand and Vietnam, for example, experience peaks in injuries due to the speed of the delta variable. Either way, very strict lockdowns have been imposed. Only one fortress remains: China. Deltas notwithstanding, Dragon Country appears to have eradicated new outbreaks by bringing local cases closer to zero in a few weeks. Even in China, though, the debate over the “zero Covid” strategy is raging.

One of the country’s most influential scientists, Zeng Guang, recently explained in an interview with a Chinese newspaper that this approach cannot go on forever, and that China “cannot isolate itself from the world as it prepares to host the Olympics in the winter of 2022”.

After a few days, Guang himself partially retracted these allegations, explaining that he had been misunderstood. But the impression is that China too, sooner or later, will have to deal with the new balances imposed by a virus that could become a pandemic.

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