Australia and New Zealand commemorate the Gallipoli victims

Australia and New Zealand commemorate the Gallipoli victims


“Indifference and lack of choice are immoral acts.” Draghi is celebrating on April 25th

AGI – Liberation Day that differs from last year’s silent day, but still features restrictive measures against covid-19. Sergio Mattarella arrived at the Altare della Patria staircase that last year went up alone, and this year he was welcomed by the two heads of chambers, Elisabetta Caselati and Roberto Fico, and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, by the chief of Consulta Giancarlo Coraggio, by Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerrini, of the Chief of Defense Staff, Enzo Vecciarelli, from Police Chief Lamberto Giannini. Draghi’s words After attending the Deposition of the Crown on the Altar of the Fatherland, the Prime Minister visited the Historical Museum of Liberation with Culture Minister Dario Franceschini. “Freedom and rights cannot be exchanged for anything. But they are more fragile than you think,” he later said in a cross-Tasso celebration on April 25th. “We note with concern the blurring of the boundaries that history has drawn between democracies and authoritarian regimes, and sometimes even between victims and perpetrators.” For Draghi, “this anniversary should not advance” because “an in-depth knowledge of the history of those years” means that we are “more aware of republican values ​​and how important it is to defend them.” Then he adds, “We see the sinister fascination with dictators and oppressed rulers growing in civil liberties. Especially when it comes to fanning prejudices against ethnic and religious minorities. The hate language that often leads to racism and anti-Semitism always contains the seeds of potential violence. It should not be tolerated. It is a bad deed that generates consensus for those who trample on freedom and rights, as if they are avenging the injustice he suffered, but above all it spreads the poison of indifference and indifference. ”Masks and kept long distances. Venice Square was banned from traffic and also by the presence of journalists, for security reasons and to avoid Crowding. Shortly after 12, Mattarella will receive the highest offices of state in Quirinale, to attend a ceremony usually taking place in an Italian city. Very few people are accepted into the halls of the palace to attend the concert, which will be broadcast live. Mattarella’s visit to the Quadaro of the President of the Republic is gone. , After the crown was deposed, to the Altare della Patria, in Piazza dei Tribuni, in the famous Roman Quarter of Quadraro, where one of the saddest and least remembered pages in the history of the liberation fell. A laurel wreath was placed in front of the memorial to commemorate the arrest and deportation of many of the neighborhood’s inhabitants On April 17, 2004, the municipality of X in Rome, on whose territory the Quadraro is located, was awarded the Gold Medal for the Valor Civil. The Gold Medal for Civil Merit – a strip for ordinary uniforms. The Gold Medal for Civil Merit “was the Co area Adrarou is the most active and organized anti-fascist, scene of arrest by Nazi forces. The operation began at dawn on April 17, 1944, led by Major Kappler personally, and ended with the deportation of about a thousand men between the ages of 18 and 60 to Germany, who were forced to work in factories in inhuman conditions. Many of them were killed in extermination camps, and others who fled to join party formations fell into the fight. Tri-color arrows, as tradition, crossed the sky of Rome, over the Altare della Patria, to paint the colors of the flag to mark Liberation Day immediately after its deposition.

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