Auckland: funky coffins illuminate cemeteries

Why not light the funeral ceremony with an atypical coffin? That’s the crazy bet of Ross Hall and his Auckland company, called Dying Art, that makes custom-made colorful coffins.

Instead of traditional wooden coffins, you can have a cream puff, fire truck, chocolate bar, or even coffin cubes. Puzzle Games. If you have the soul of a movie lover, you can decorate your casket with a theme Matrix And if you’re feeling nostalgic, take on vacation photos.

The idea came HallAbout 15 years ago, when he was writing a will, thinking about his death, and telling himself he wouldn’t be like everyone else. “So I set my will that I want a red box with flames.After six months, Ross Hall She got serious and started approaching funeral directors. Some of the controls today are particularly complex, such as the sailboat that included a keel, rudder, cabin, sails, and even ladders and metal reels.

The coffins are biodegradable and the prices range from NZ $ 3,000 to NZ $ 7,500. ” People now think it is a celebration of life rather than a mourning of death. »

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