Attractive new graphics are being introduced to Pokémon Go

Attractive new graphics are being introduced to Pokémon Go

Gaston Cooney

Some lucky Pokémon Go players around the world were able to get an early look at a new feature, and this change is helping bring the world of Pokémon Go to life in new ways.

Although there have been many changes to Pokémon Go over the past seven-plus years, it's a testament to the game that so many remain loyal to its beginnings.

However, Niantic is still working on improvements, and one area that might be seen as outdated is the outdated encounter screens and static graphics that adorn your Pokémon in the wild if AR is turned off (like most people are).

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It certainly seems like the changes in Pokémon Go are coming at a very slow pace, but fortunately, some players around the world have already noticed a big change, as Niantic is introducing improved graphics for the encounters, helping to add a new flavor to those classic screen shots.

Players are introduced to the new encounter graphics in Pokémon Go

As shared by one user in a Reddit post, new graphics are slowly appearing sporadically around the world, and a few lucky players have already laid eyes on these beautiful new offerings.

Although players will have to wait for the official release to see the final graphics, the preview is already an exciting promise of how the improved visuals will bring something new to the game.

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Fans in the comments seemed to be divided on the update, with some excited but others not impressed with what they've seen so far.

Comment says: “The tree is back!!!” Then he adds another : “Honestly, it looks good except for the battle screen. »

Some comments are more critical, though that may be due to the way the photos are posted, as one comment says: “Yes, I'm not very impressed.” Before someone else added: “Yes, I like the different wallpapers they offer, but especially the battle screen wallpaper, just…no.”

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These changes are preliminary at the moment, as Niantic explained in a recent post, so players will need to be patient to see exactly what these improved graphics will look like for all players when they are released. For now, it's encouraging to know that Niantic is constantly working on improving Pokémon Go.

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