Attention players! Discover the amazing PlayStation 5 feature that Sony was hiding!

Hey gamers, click here to discover what's new on next-gen consoles like Playstation 5 and Xbox Series Besides stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, these consoles are packed with great features. Some of them are well-known, others have not been noticed yet.

Taking the Playstation 5 as an example, we can cite the DualSense controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which add an extra layer of immersion. This allows players to not only experience the sensation of pulling the trigger in Call of Duty or Ellie's arc in The Last of Us Part I, but also feel every bump in the terrain or every car crash in racing games like Gran Turismo 7. Additionally, it helps PS5's 3D audio improves the immersive experience for gamers.

In short, 3D Audio technology can turn any standard headphone into a mini surround system. Even a cheap headset can make it possible to hear almost every step of an approaching enemy or every sound in a dark corridor in the scariest horror game. The quality of 3D audio is hard to describe, but once you experience it, it's hard to go back.

And did you know that 3D audio also works with movies and TV shows? Yes, Sony hasn't focused much on the fact that 3D audio works as well with movies as it does with video games.

Some Redditors have claimed that 3D audio works with Blu-ray and DVD movies as well as games, providing a virtual surround sound experience even with headphones. It's really great to be able to have an almost cinematic experience with a simple approach. If you haven't yet enabled 3D audio on your PlayStation 5 console, it's very simple: just go to Settings, then Sound, and select 3D audio options for speakers, TV speakers and headphones. And now, voila!

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