Atomic Heart: Xbox Series X Editions Comparison |  S and PS5 by Digital Foundry |  Xbox One

Atomic Heart: Xbox Series X Editions Comparison | S and PS5 by Digital Foundry | Xbox One

Digital Foundry has released its technical analysis for Atomic Heart. Mundfish’s uchronic FPS has been available for a few days and today is the performance on the different versions of the game that has been detailed by the experts.

It is a rather visually successful game

Unlike most of the games released recently, Atomic Heart does not offer graphics modes to choose from. The game uses dynamic resolution on all consoles, and aims for 60 FPS on Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

In general, the game runs most of the time at 2160p, adjusting the resolution according to the scenes on Xbox Series X and PS5, the studio announced before the game was released. Welcome influences and variety in its different rooms.

The Xbox Series S runs at a dynamic 1080p resolution, with lower graphics than the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions. Textures, shadow filtering, and vegetation density have all been revised downward on Microsoft’s micro-console.

PS5 delivers better performance

When it comes to performance, the PS5 has a clear advantage over the Xbox Series X; The Sony console provides a generally stable frame rate of 60 FPS in gameplay. However, drops considered minor by Digital Foundry are noticed here and there, and more noticeable slowdowns can occur in some scenes.

In contrast, the Xbox Series X has time frame issues, with significant slowdowns during combat and camera movement. It has also been specified that the frame rate can drop by up to 30fps in some scenes.

Digital Foundry also says that the game can keep its frame rate at 60fps most of the time, but framerate and framerate issues are intrusive and make the experience “less stable” than it should be.

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Xbox Series X releases | S is withdrawing

Frametime issues are less noticeable on the Xbox Series S version, but the frame rate is more unstable there than on the Xbox Series X.

Experts also raised many concerns regarding the Xbox versions, especially at the level of some “animation” of the game screens, which are completely absent compared to the PS5 version. Texture and menu trigger errors break Also raised on Xbox Series X | S, and community feedback seems to indicate that there are other issues affecting these releases.

As was the case recently with Callisto Protocol or more recently Hogwarts Legacy, Digital Foundry has concluded that the Xbox versions need more work from developers. PS5 and PC are recommended at the moment for a better experience, while the full analysis can be found below.

Atomic Heart is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as Xbox Series X | S and PS5. If you want to try the game, it is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. We hope that future updates will improve the experience on Microsoft consoles.

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