ATLANTA: Joe Biden meets with representatives of the Asian community

ATLANTA: Joe Biden meets with representatives of the Asian community

After the fatal attacks on three state massage parlors Georgia He is the President of the United States Joe Biden With his deputy Kamala Harris distance Atlanta Travel to meet representatives of the Asian community. According to his spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierre, the increasing violence against American citizens of Asian descent will be discussed. The President will affirm his desire to fight “xenophobia, intolerance and hatred”.

Eight people were killed in the attacks on Tuesday, including six women of Asian descent. Police said the 21-year-old suspect, Robert Aaron Long, rejected a racist motive. He said that in fighting his sex addiction he wanted to “eliminate” the temptation that made him inconsistent with his strict religious beliefs.

Authorities have yet to confirm Long’s motives. In general, however, the verb is a symbol of the intertwining of gender discrimination and racism in United States of America. On the day of the attack, a report by Stop AAPI Hate was published, stating that hate crimes against people of Asian descent in the United States have increased and that women are affected more than average.

By order of Biden, flags of the White House and other public buildings must remain half in place until Monday. On Thursday, the House of Representatives observed a minute of silence. The vigils were held in several major cities while New York, Seattle, ChicagoAnd the San Francisco Other sites have boosted patrols in neighborhoods with large numbers of Asian Americans.

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