Athletics/walking.  Clemence Beretta lives again and keeps hope in Tokyo

Athletics/walking. Clemence Beretta lives again and keeps hope in Tokyo

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Twelfth and first three colors

In this tough race, won by Colombian Sandra Arenas (28) at 1h28’23, Navoiriaude was a regular race, starting around 26 to finish 12th after a good comeback. With the development of the first tricolor.

But his quest was elsewhere, more than a time system. If the immediate lower bounds of seeing Tokyo (1hr 31min or best world performance ever) are too high, his inner quest was to erase this personal record set in 2019: 1h34’15. Occasions were rare. That psychological barrier fell on Saturday in Spain: 1h33’38. “I’m so happy, I finally broke the record! And besides, I ended up in a good place. It’s good to get back into the fight, the rage. I missed it. I needed to get my marks back, to reassure myself. I’ve collapsed a bit in the last few kilometres, With a strange feeling in my leg, like ants or electricity. Otherwise, I was on bases less than 1:33′. It’s encouraging because it opens up horizons by working on the finish,” he admits to the athlete he “loved” his father, Pierre (was kept Eddie Riva through an internship at Font-Romeu).

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