At Stade Rochelais, Romain Carmignani shared a credo as coach

At Stade Rochelais, Romain Carmignani shared a credo as coach

The former Irish second line and former South African pillar has started full time in the top 14 staff, the Ardéchois who coordinate their interventions. But Carmi is keen to point out that they are on an equal footing under the leadership of Ronan O’Gara. They are not details of who has made participation an essential component of their training.

Get to know the players

“My first experience with Many Edmonds (in Béziers, editor’s note) and the fact of going to Australia turned me on its head. It’s so detailed, we’re global. Today, I was able to make the batter. We challenged each other a lot with Juno (Gibbs) to find the little trick to go Beyond that. A lot of Ronan there too. With Donnacha and Gurthrö we are able to work well with our different sensibilities. He ended, “The forward coach with 10 caps alone runs the group. Today, we have staff with shared responsibilities, but we love To challenge each other in other areas. »

“It is important to know the players well, to know which channel they are receptive to when we send them information”

Despite everything, he specifically intervenes in “defense, defensive touches, defensive balance in presentation, turns around plates, collisions, turns after opening, and organization after kicking game”. Again, he doesn’t do it alone. His experience reinforced his desire to engage players as much as possible. “The biggest problem is figuring out how they act individually. Juno talks a lot about energy, and I believe in it a lot too. It’s important that you know them well, and that you know through which channel they are accepting when we send them information. Because the more we multiply the struts, the more likely we are to touch them. Some of them are. Some are more sensitive to sight and some to audio and video.”

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He is now able to better identify this, particularly through video interviews or informal meetings outside of Apivia Park. Example ? Matteo Tanguy and his photographic memory only need to see the picture once. Reza Wardi, I want to talk to him. Timing is also important. Thus, bodies and heads are “more receptive in the morning.” Above all, Roman Carmenani no longer believes in a teacher who spreads his knowledge vertically, and he More convinced of the virtues of horizontality.

Share the leaders

So his week is punctuated by meetings with small groups of leaders. Before going to Biarritz in February, he spoke with Remy Bordeaux, Wuyan, Will Skelton and Matthew Tanguy about defensive touches and with Matthias Haddad-Victor, Levani Botia, Jan Liebenberg, Pierre Borgaret, Raymond Rowley, Jeremy Senzel and Twira Kerr Barlow – the “ASB gang” – of the defense. Then it is up to them to introduce different items to the group. “I have my framework, my expectations on strategy, technique and state of mind, I ask for it, and it decodes. If I have 4 speakers, I hope they will tell others, who will tell others, etc. Moreover, he likes to ask others what they remember.” At the end of the meetings.

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