At Quimper, Sammy Skate Club presents in associative space - Quimper

At Quimper, Sammy Skate Club presents in associative space – Quimper

From the beginning of the month until September 30, the Sammy Skate Club of Quimper displays its portraits in the entrance hall and on the first floor of the associative space, Maison Pierre-Waldeck Rousseau, in Le Braden. This fifth fair opens a new sporting and cultural season that we hope will be rich with action.

From images captured on the spot by Damien Le Marer (DLM), Sammy animator and co-founder, this exhibition also allows to highlight the disciplines offered by the club – quad skis, skateboards, BMX and scooters – and above all on the occasion of Thirty (almost) years of its existence (1992). After passing through Créac’h-Gwen, the SSC is currently training in a large skate park of 1,000 square metres, located in the Prat-ar-Rouz district of Quimper. We are gradually becoming more professional in terms of jobs and training. We are currently three employees of the club,” explains Christel Maupin, who is responsible for development. Every year, we have young people who train with us so that we can get diplomas in sports coaching. We are also working on developing women’s sports, school, fit sports, health, as well as With young audiences from 6 years old, teens from MPT and with IMEs. We are also trying to develop wheelchair sports. For this season, we hope to be able to resume lessons for a full year and organize events in one or another of our disciplines, especially scooters.”

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