At only 12 years old, he received his baccalaureate and university degree thanks to confinement – the evening version of western France.

At only 12 years old, he received his baccalaureate and university degree thanks to confinement – the evening version of western France.

Mike Wimmer is a talented 12-year-old American. Bored while booking, chose to study. And he didn’t do things in half! Next May, he will not obtain one diploma, but two certificates: a baccalaureate and one from the university.

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While some benefited from Confinement Read authors of the great La Pléiade, discover yoga, or participate in the entire series Love, glory and beauty… Young American Mike Vimer did none of this.

The 12-year-old boy from Salisbury, North Carolina chose to occupy his time studying. And he didn’t do things in half! In May, he will receive not one diploma but two certificates, in the same week, according to reports CNN America.

Four years of study in one

In detail, this young prodigy will receive his baccalaureate from Concord Academy High School, from which he graduated in the major, but also a diploma awarded by Ruan Kaparos Public University …

Mike Wimer is really talented. The teenager is currently the only minor Work in the Special Operations Command of the United States Department of Defense, Identifies the newspaper Southern Living . Passionate about robotics and computers, the boy swallowed the equivalent of four years of schooling in one year. A busy program, but not initially planned …

Mike Wit is also passionate about robotics. (Image: Facebook / Concord Academy screenshot)

According to CNN, Mike Wimmer was actually taking several turns in parallel when the shutdown took place. Quickly, the college student realized that at the rate he was applying, he would need extra lessons to stay busy. “I’m like a sponge. I learn very quickly,” Teenager’s explanation The local press.

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Founder of two companies

As soon as he holds his degree in his pocket, the young American, who already heads two start-ups specializing in interactions on social networks, will spoil the choice … his goal now? “Create something that will improve people’s lives, including the lives of the military.”

Several job offers have already been made to him, according to CNN, but Mike doesn’t rule out extending his studies or developing his business. At only 12 years old, he also doesn’t forget that he’s still a kid and lets know.

“A lot of people think that I gave up or lost my childhood somehow, A basketball and lego fan told this to the American press. I tell them that I am having the best times of my life! I’m proud to be able to have a business meeting at Zoom and then, the next moment, go for miles on my knees and play with my little car from Hot Wheels. “

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