At night, they turn your truck or van into a house on wheels!

In Lomme, Edouard and Romain set up trucks, vans and SUVs in real cozy nests! (© JB / Lille news)

desire to unrestricted travel or even a New life on the roads… We’ve all dreamed of being able to drive in a car comfortable enough to live there. for those resistant to camping car, contracting first workshop, installed in pocket, associated municipality FewAnd Completely redesign your truck or van to make it a real home on wheels!

The story was born in New Zealand

Edward and Roman meet while living in New Zealand. Lille and the Parisians work at the same ski resort and live in roommates. The two share a passion for travel. The idea tormented them then. “We wanted to buy an SUV to fix it up and get it ready to travel around the country,” Edward recalls.

The two young men are investing in “an old Toyota that we worked on for three months on the weekends.” After their road trip, they resell the converted car. “It started very quickly, and there is strong demand in New Zealand for this type of truck.”

The great New Zealand project remains in the back of their minds as a beautiful experience. “We really enjoyed doing it!” Roman says. But also as a promising project…

The two partners are able to create a real living space in the back of the truck!
The two partners are able to create a real living space in the back of the truck! (© Élodie Loh / Oley Workshop)

Do you live in a truck? A project promoted by Covid!

In 2018, the two friends decided to launch their own small business to purchase and equip other facilities and then sell them. “At first, we did it in my father’s studio in Ronk,” Edward recalls. “At the time, living in a truck was more marginal, we didn’t really know if it would work or not.”

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But the success was there. Discovered by bloggers in the field, they are quickly making a name for themselves with their claws. The Covid epidemic and its containment have also boosted their activity. In love with freedom and a desire to travel, many clients came forward to realize a “new life project,” in the words of Edward.

Tailor-made facilities

Roman insists, “We really make it to order.” “The customer tells us what he wants, and then we work hard to deliver what he ordered. It remains to double the ingenuity to make the car “push” while complying with French standards and the requirements of car brands.

The result is mini trolleys that enable the two partners to outfit a bed, kitchenette, storage space and even a shower. All in a design that follows interior design trends. “We do something opposite to a motorhome where there is a lot of plastic,” Roman says. “We work a lot with wood, and we also try to get materials that are somewhat environmentally friendly. Compound insulation, for example, is made of cork and mytes, which is a mixture of fabrics.

All of this appeals to an audience who is “more in their thirties, enjoys a dynamic environment, wants to live, work and travel in their van, and wants to embark on a new lifestyle.”

It takes at least a month and up to two and a half months to find its usefulness completely retooled. And of course you have a big budget: from 15 thousand euros for the smallest vehicles up to 40 thousand euros.

Orders are pouring in

Not enough to slow down the requests that keep popping up. “We are full at the moment,” Edward tells us, while in the workshop now in Lom, one vehicle has just been completed while another is undergoing a makeover.

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The two friends do not rule out continuing to develop their activity while maintaining humility. “We really want to keep having fun, take the time, and keep the literal side,” Edward says. But he and Roman also like to launch new challenges on vehicles or more atypical projects. Edward’s dream? “Turn an American school bus into a real apartment!” The best part is that they are able to!

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