At Howell, the greening of public spaces is simplified…yet orderly

At Howell, the greening of public spaces is simplified…yet orderly

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Thanks to a charter for public greening, every resident of Howell (Evelyn) can beautify their own little square of green space in the city. (© 78news / MP)

In early April 2023, Medina coal (Evelyn) enacted a charter for greening public spaces. The document is intended for all residents, in buildings or in suites, who wish to develop Nature in the cityin or near their neighborhood.

“This approach makes it possible to involve the population in conservation Biodiversityto decorate and improve our living environment, as well as to develop social link Alive”, underline the document.

A map listing eligible sites

Ovillois can thus decide thatBuild a tree standA small clump or patch of grass. “City services have identified a range of spaces that they have listed and that they will continue to provide if there are new opportunities,” notes Christophe Hudrich, vice-mayor for environment and transition. The map lists these Eligible places Available on the City website or at the City Hall.

A minimum of two persons per project

In the logic of regular maintenance and also sharing, projects must be done before two residentsfrom two different residences.

“He avoids deserted places because alone the danger is greater, especially when that person leaves the city,” notes Christophe Hudricy. Also, be careful not to do this to become absent For a long time – during the holidays for example – at the same time!

rules to be followed

The Charter will be appended to the Public Spaces Occupancy Agreement [valable 2 ans]signed by the residents, with the resulting obligations “, informs the municipality. Thus, the signatories will have to respect certain rules.

First of all, the factories are responsible for the project leaders. Moreover, it is better to promote domestic species. It is also necessary to remove the soil manually, and in general to use ecological methods. Therefore the use of phytosanitary products (pesticides and fertilizers) is prohibited.

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Precautions to be taken

The population will also have to take everything Precautions Necessary to maintain trees, shrubs, and the roots. The base of the tree trunk is not surrounded by soil. If pruning is necessary, a landscaping service should be requested.

The sown place must be regularly maintained in order to reduce the impact of plants on the pavement in order to Do not disturb the residents and pedestrian crossing. Finally, waste from revegetation (leaves, flowers, etc.) must be disposed of.

Changing the concept of nature in the city

When a file is submitted, it is the Town Hall that examines it. There will be a re-vegetation reference and residents can accompany city services. With this document, the city council finally hopes Change appearance About nature in the city.

“We want to show that the city that is pleasant is not the city that we believed in years ago, that is, in bitumen alone. It is also in bloom.”

Christophe HadrichiVice Mayor for Environment and Environmental Transformation
Residents wishing to obtain a greening permit must submit their detailed project: [email protected]

If a resident wishes to seek assistance from the City in locating at least one other resident in the project, a poster will be installed at the proposed location.

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