Asylum applications rise by 30% in the European Union

Asylum applications rise by 30% in the European Union

A significant rise in the first half of 2023. Asylum applications Registered in countries European UnionThe European Union asylum agency announced on Tuesday that the number of refugees in Norway and Switzerland rose by 28% compared to the same period of the previous year. The UNHCR said that about 519,000 asylum applications were submitted in these 29 countries between January and the end of June, and estimated that “based on current trends, applications could exceed one million by the end of the year.”

SyriansAfghans, Venezuelans, Turks and Colombians are the main applicants, accounting for 44% of applications. First half orders are at their highest levels for this time of year since 2015-16.

Four million Ukrainians benefit from temporary protection

In this period, during the influx of refugees to Europe caused in particular by the stagnation of the conflict in Syria, the number of asylum applications reached 1.3 million (in 2015) and 1.2 million (in 2016). In 2022, their number was 994,945. Germany It is the country that received the largest number of applications: 30% of the total, and about twice the number of applications received by Spain (17%) and France (16%). The agency confirms that due to this increase, many European countries are “under pressure to process applications,” and that the number of files awaiting a decision has increased by 34% compared to 2022.

About 41% of first-class orders received a positive response. Moreover, some Four million Ukrainians Those fleeing the Russian invasion currently enjoy temporary protection in the European Union.

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