Association full of projects in Buzet-sur-Baïse

Association full of projects in Buzet-sur-Baïse

The association “Château et Fabriques de Buzet” held its general meeting a few days ago. An opportunity to take stock of the past few months and discuss future prospects.

In 2019, the association “Château et Fabriques de Buzet” was created, with the aim of promoting the castle and its garden, now owned by the Cave des Vignerons. The Assembly, headed by Pierre Philippe, held its general meeting a few days ago. Despite higher operating expenses compared to the previous year (due to park maintenance costs in particular) and slightly lower memberships, the accounts show a positive result of €14,936.71 as of December 31, 2021.

Update on work

The restoration work progressed at the beginning of last year, and the work on removing the air from the castle and repairing the church tower were completed, with a budget of 127,000 euros. For the current year, an envelope of 346,000 euros has been allocated for the restoration of the roofs and the insurance of outbuildings. Rehabilitation of the ground floor of the palace is scheduled for 2023 (425,000 euros).

Another project: the restoration of the walled garden, according to the 18th century Dézallier d’Argenville Treaty of Gardens.

Activities Shown

Thanks to the recruitment of Justin Friedrich, the cultural mediator, (Master 2 Valuing Heritage), educational procedures for children and activities open to the general public have developed: Pupils of Buzet Elementary School created a botanical garden as well as an educational ground area and participated in European Heritage Days, Science Festival, etc. A class from Lavardak College co-produced an educational track titled “Innovation at the Heart of a Region: A Committed Business Model with Positive Impact.”

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The general public (782 visitors registered in 2021) was especially present during the main days (Châteaux en fête, Rendez-vous in the park, etc.), but they also appreciated the guided historical tours and the entertaining and educational tours for families.

2022 forecast

Under the impetus of Karen Gallant, Director of Projects and Innovation, there is no shortage of ideas: participation will be renewed on key national or local days and guided tours. There is also a “100% Gourmet Day”, an activity on biodiversity, a creative herbarium workshop, in partnership with the University of Bau’s History Laboratory, the production of videos on the history of the site, an archaeological project and a request for classification as a historical monument … Finally, it is important to recall one The main objectives of the Cave des Vignerons: To create an “Agroecology Villa”, a center of excellence that aims to support the necessary transformation of viticulture in relation to climatic and societal challenges.

An ambitious project that was worth a visit a few days ago by Bruno Bonel, Secretary General of Investments (our edition on June 23, 1922). It aims to provide outstanding training in agroecology for viticulture by being at the forefront of innovation and supporting players in the sector. But, as Pierre-Philippe mentioned, funding remains the cornerstone: “We will at least redouble our efforts to maintain and increase the number of members and donors … in the context of declining aid. We are counting on you for support in this effort by becoming an ambassador for the association and mobilizing those around you. “.

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Program and reservations at or on 06 26 13 93 87.

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