ASM : les jeunes ont répondu présent lors du derby face à Brive

ASM: Youngsters were present during the derby match against Brave

Myles Amatosero shined on Saturday in the derby match against Brave (41-10). But other young men from the training center also responded, namely Giorgi Perea, Benjamin Bodo, Lucas Dessin or Kevin Villaard.

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“This is one of the positive points of the evening,” Xavier Sadurni appreciated after the meeting. “This is good for the club in the medium and long term,” added the ASM assistant coach.

Assisted by Beria

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Thus, Giorgi Beria launched his first period of the season. The left column, of Georgian origin, was definitely punished twice during the meeting (including once in Scrum) and also lost a ball.

But he was very active in the match with 12 meters covered with the ball in his hand, a losing defender and eight successful tackles. Only Fisher (9 tackles) did better than him on Saturday. Giorgi Beria is particularly involved in George Mwala’s first attempt (44th place) by ensuring a pivotal pass that unlocks the door and opens up space for the New Zealand center.

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Strong pictures of the derby between ASM Clermont and CA Brive

Giorgi Beria was replaced by Daniel Bibi Biziwu (20) just before the hour mark. Benjamin Bodo (19), scored his eighth goal since Behirgaray’s injury. Until then, his playing times were starving (40 minutes total). On Saturday, he stayed 24 minutes on the field, notably ensuring his throws.

Kevin Villard (58th) as well as Lucas Dessen (64th) took part in the derby midway through the second half. Without Clermont’s collective suffering. Dessaigne also participates in the bounty test because he catches the ball when touched.

Didier Croce

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