Artists are expected, Espace Saint Marc

Artists are expected, Espace Saint Marc

Sauvigny. Two artists at Espace Saint-Marc. Rodolfo Verneau and Priba Leakes will be exhibiting their work from Thursday, June 6th to Monday, June 17th at Espace Saint Marc, Place Aristide Briand.

Rodolfo Verneau will present his oil works on the theme of Sologne Bourbonnaise, the bocage and several views of castles in Allier, especially around Souvigny.

Rodolfo Verneau and Brigitte Barbat

This native of Yzeure will display paintings full of colour. He was a visual artist in his spare time, and after showing at the Grand Palais, he was trained in the newspaper drawing technique by Paul Rondpierre, a teacher at the Bleu Citron atelier in Moulins. Rudolph is enthusiastic about his pictorial development.

Pribalix, whose real name was Brigitte Barbat, a painter and sculptor from Saint-Mino and member (secretary) of the Society of Painters and Poets of Bourbonnais, was the postmistress of La Palles. After retirement, she devoted herself to sculpture, molding and oil glazing.

Prepalix had a taste for academic painting with the painter Didier Rocher as he painted Venice.

She has a more complex oil painting on the subject of antiquity, a technique that requires patience.

These two artists present at Espace Saint-Marc complement each other and support each other intellectually.

practical. Monday to Sunday, 2 pm to 6:30 pm, and will open on Sunday, June 9 at 5 pm.

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