Artificial intelligence recommends deadly recipes –

Artificial intelligence recommends deadly recipes –

A New Zealand supermarket chain, Pak’n’Save, has launched an artificial intelligence designed specifically for cooking. Suggested killer recipes: whitened rice, gummy bear sandwich….

The company launches its own artificial intelligence

contractor Bakken Sword Rely on a custom version of ChatGPT and release its own Amnesty International for the kitchen called “Savvy meal“. This is amazing Artificial intelligence The conversation offers recipes from the list of ingredients provided by its users.
the magazine capital He indicated that Chat bot quickly gave recipes toxiceven fatal.

Complete recipe

Users have to choose foods from a predefined list of daily ingredients in the interface Savvy meal. Once the components are selected, theAmnesty International Provides a complete recipe with detailed description, and a list of instructions depending on the number of guests. In the event that the ingredients do not completely match, the bot will not be able to offer a suitable recipe.

Bleach, glue…

according to Watchmanthe robot suggested making a recipe called “Flavored water mixConsists of chlorine gas and a toxic yellow liquid used to disinfect swimming pools. This product can be life threatening if taken in the amounts suggested byAmnesty International. Testimonies reported by the newspaper indicated that Chat bot another foot Killer recipes. Among others, we can cite a non-alcoholic cocktail made with bleach, a sandwich prepared with glue, soaked rice with bleach, and a dish made with turpentine.


After noticing these shortcomings, the company Bakken Sword Warn its users on the homepage of Chat bot. “The recipes have not been verified by a humanShe confirmed that she could not guarantee that the dishes served were edible.
We do not make any representations regarding the accuracy, suitability or reliability of the content of the recipe created (…). You should use your own judgment before relying on or making any recipe produced by Savey MealNote the large supermarket chain.

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