Artemis II mission: Who are the four astronauts chosen to fly to the moon?

Artemis II mission: Who are the four astronauts chosen to fly to the moon?

And the lucky winners are…

there NASA On Monday, it revealed the identities of the four astronauts who will make up the crewArtemis 2. This is amazing Assigned ten days around moon (Because They Won’t Land There) scheduled for November 2024. A real event, 50 years after the end of an era Apollo missions.

According to the announcement made Monday afternoon from Houston, Texas)The crew will consist of four astronauts, three Americans and one Canadian.

Three men and one woman

seemed b Reed Wiseman47 years , Former NASA astronaut. And who, as such, should have chosen the lucky ones. But his resignation made him eligible. from any act. He will be the commander of this mission.

The pilot is called Victor Glover. He was particularly the leader of the first expedition X space to the International Station (ISS) in 2020.

Stamped Mission SpecialistAnd Christina Koch44 years , Holds the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman – 328 days.And According to The New York Times.

And a crew of Americans complemented by Canadian too Mission SpecialistAnd Jeremy Hansen. A 47-year-old former fighter pilot, who has not yet flown in space.

BREAKING NEWS: Three Americans and one Canadian will be the crew of NASA’s Artemis II mission, the first humans to fly to the moon in the 50 years since the Apollo era.

– The New York Times (@nytimes) April 3, 2023

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