Argentines are demonstrating en masse against the “monumental decree” liberalizing labor law

Argentines are demonstrating en masse against the “monumental decree” liberalizing labor law

And in Argentina Huge decree », as the local press calls it, comes into force on Friday, December 29. Among the nearly 300 changes to the legal rules it contains, this text significantly weakens worker protections, angering Argentines, while President Javier Miley has only just come to power. The unions filed legal appeals, and thousands of people took to the streets of Buenos Aires in response to their call for several days.

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Many Argentines don't want this.” Huge decree » They announce this: Since President Javier Miley signed it nine days ago, They have already gone out to demonstrate three times And in thousands. Like Julio Velasquez, leader of the Federation of Textile Industries. ” Coming to demonstrate is the only way for this president to listen to us », he trusts a microphone Natalio CosoyRFI correspondent in Spanish.

Among other things, the decree amends end-of-service compensation, cancels fines for illegal work, and extends trial periods… so workers are less protected, according to protesters.

Victor Hugo Robledo, a member of the metalworkers' union, takes to the streets to avoid seeing history repeat itself. He recalls that in the 1990s Argentine governments privatized and implemented liberal reforms that undermined workers' rights: I am over 50 years old, and I can tell you that I lived through it, in 1990 and then in 2001, when these policies were actually implemented. »

However, the Argentine president does not seem ready to back down. on the contrary, And sends other reform projects In Parliament, which not only affects labor law. He intends to amend the electoral system and the operation of pensions, but also to tighten criminal penalties for People who were arrested during the protests.

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The Argentine Parliament could decide to abolish ” Huge decree » If he obtains an absolute majority. But this requires alliances, because no party holds them.

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