Argentina is paralyzed by a new general strike against the policies of Javier Miley

Argentina is paralyzed by a new general strike against the policies of Javier Miley

On Thursday, a second general strike was held since Javier Miley came to power last December in Argentina.


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A view of the sky of Buenos Aires during a general strike, May 9, 2024. (Luciano Gonzalez/Anadolu)

Argentina witnessed a new day of general strike, Thursday, May 9, the second since Javier Miley came to power five months ago. The three largest Argentine unions, including the CGT, participated extensively in this show of force. The country was paralyzed, without means of transportation, without stores, and without public services, in protest against the layoffs of workers in the civil service and the loss of purchasing power.

A Thursday felt like a Sunday on the streets of Buenos Aires: no buses, no small businesses with their iron curtains drawn, post offices, banks and schools closed. Hector Dier, Secretary General of the CGT, welcomed this in a press conference on Thursday: “On a parse grève that adjusts the adjustments on the retraités, on the most vulnerable sectors. This makes sure it is a succès and can do it attirer on the attention of the autorités, which can develop a change in direction in order to rectify the social detérioration “The last months.”

Announcing the next mobilization at the end of the month

For Manuel Adorni, government spokesman, this strike is hurting workers. “It is clearly a political strike, and it is incomprehensible and meaningless, because many people live in poverty and need to go to work every day to be able to eat. Thus, the unions betrayed the workers who wanted to go to their jobs but could not.” It is an attack on their daily economy and their freedom. he thinks.

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Since Miley's arrival, 15,000 government employees have been laid off, more than a thousand public workplaces have been idle, and the inflation rate has reached 55% for 2024 alone, but the president, with his positive image of 50%, intends to continue adjusting it. CGT is already planning new packaging at the end of the month.

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