"Are you trying to buy me too?"  Mask on social media - Nerd4.life

“Are you trying to buy me too?” Mask on social media – Nerd4.life

Social media is a perfect place for pranks, and even the world’s biggest brands have adopted “goliardic” marketing tactics. An example is the file McDonald’s last tweetthat interact with the account X-Box He asks if Microsoft wants to buy the fast food chain too, now.

It all started with a McDonald’s tweet that asked users to respond with a specific code to pretend to steal a potato from a shared photo. Among the thousands, even the Xbox has “stole” one Chips. Then, McDonald’s responded with a McDonald’s version of the Xbox console. Then Xbox responded in turn, as you can see below.

Xbox made a file McDonald’s copy of Xbox Series X, complete with french fries poking on top. Then McDonald’s closes the muzzle with “Are you trying to buy me too?” A sign that Xbox’s reputation, even outside the gaming world, is that it’s a company willing to buy into everything and everyone.

It is, we repeat, one Brand gag tra, perhaps on the table. Anyway, it’s a great way to think about recent events. The acquisition of Activision Blizzard is known to everyone, even those who do not know anything about the world of video games.

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